Pawn Stars - Jena - Germany

I saw this Pawn Stars from the History Channel and was excited because this was the city I went to college in! This comes from the Carl Zeiss, a famous, high end optical glass maker for telescopes, cameras, lasers, etc, factory in Jena.  Here the two biggest things in Jena

  1.  JenOptik - wikipedia article - which used to be the Carl Zeiss AG. Where they manufacture the optical lenses 
  2. Friedrich Schiller Universität or the Uni Jena - Wikipedia article - This university had some of the greatest minds who were professors or students - such as Friedrich Schiller and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - They have a wonderful German for speakers of other languages program that is located in a great little town in the former East Germany.
I did a study abroad program through Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Here are links to the German Department and the Study Abroad Program